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We are a full-service firm with nationally recognized practices in Cyber & Data Security, litigation, business law, and government relations.


We have based our services on understanding and meeting our clients’ ever-changing legal needs, the most prominent legal specialization to emerging areas of Cyber & Data Security and the law, and we have the experience and insight to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ most challenging issues.


We provides clients’ with the highest quality of representation in a broad range of substantive areas of law through our aggressive use of technology and with dedication and focus on client satisfaction.


The team of our are responsive and pay personal attention to our clients. We focus on achieving our clients’ goals in as cost effective a manner as possible. We are also results driven and focus on building long term relationships with our clients. 



Who We Are

The firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to institutional and individual clients who demand the sophistication and expertise of a large law firm but who can also benefit from the more individualized client services and cost effectiveness offered by a specialized practice. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to institutional and individual clients who demand the sophistication and expertise of a large law firm but who can also benefit from the more individualized client services and cost effectiveness offered by a specialized practice.

Legal Advice

Legal advice is the giving of a professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in relation to a particular factual situation. The provision of legal advice will often involve analysing a set of facts and advising a person to take a specific course of action based on the applicable law.


Legal advice is ordinarily provided in exchange for financial or other tangible compensation. Advice given without remuneration is normally referred to as being pro bono publico (in the public good), or simply pro bono.


We provide the Legal counselling, it is a legal aid for a client, representing or protecting the client during and prior to the proceedings, composing legal documents and doing legal procedures in her interest as well as communicating with third parties and collecting proofs in the interest of the client where necessary.


We counsel the client in deciding how his problem can be sorted out under the laws. The Legal counselling is the process by which we communicate advice to a client.


We offer quality legal documentation service for our clients. moreover, for drafting legal pleadings, agreements, briefs, drafting and vetting of GPA, SPA, sale Deed, Gift Deed, Will and all other title documents, agreements etc.


Types of legal documentation.

1) Trademark and patent registration certificate.

2) Intellectual property (IP) rights agreement.

3) Business registration or Incorporation certificate.

4) Employee contracts and offer letters.

5) Tax and other registration certificate.

6) Non-disclosure agreement.

Judicial Help

Judicial assistance may consist of the enforcement of a judgment rendered by a court of another state or other actions to assist current judicial proceedings taking place in the state requesting the cooperation of the foreign court. A letter rogatory, the formal term for such a request, asks a foreign court to take some judicial action, such as issue a summons, compel production of documents, or take evidence. Treaties may be concluded between countries to establish regular methods of transmitting these requests and to assure reciprocal treatment in furnishing assistance.


Judicial Assistance is the admittance and enforcement of a judicial order or request by a court from one jurisdiction to a court in another jurisdiction. Such admittance sometimes requires a treaty between the governments of the two jurisdictions. Without a treaty, judicial assistance can also take place in individual case on an ad hoc basis. In common law jurisdictions, if a judicial assistance treaty is not in effect then the extra-jurisdictional order may be only admitted as evidence in separate litigation covering the same matter.




Defamation can arise when a false statement is made against someone that damages their reputation and causes distress or financial loss. With technology now at our fingertips. Defamation could occur within a split second, thanks to the internet and social media.


Defamatory statements can be very distressing and extremely embarrassing, and the resulting damage to a person’s reputation can affect livelihood, income and employment opportunities.

We could provide a straightforward advice and robust representation to secure the compensation that you deserve if you have been affected by defamatory remarks made by somebody else.

It is important to note that lack of intention is not in itself a defense against an action for defamation. This means that if you defame someone accidentally, you may still be liable if no other defense applies.

We are always on your side, and we will fight on your behalf for the compensation that you deserve. There are several remedies that the court can apply in defamation cases:

  • You may be awarded damages, i.e. financial compensation for the damage to your reputation and for the distress that this has caused to you



  • An injunction may be granted to prevent the defendant from defaming you again



  • The defendant may be ordered to pay your legal costs

Education Disputes


Education disputes can be very distressing for everyone involved, and the consequences may be far-reaching if matters are not handled appropriately. We are leading law firm with a dedicated litigation team.


It is important to seek legal advice as soon as a Education disputes arises as matters can escalate quickly, causing further stress and uncertainty to you and your child. We could provide sound legal advice with a view to reaching the right resolution, based on the facts of your individual case.

We will take the appropriate action to secure the standard of education that your child deserves, always putting their interests first. If you are involved in a dispute over education at any level, we have the skills and expertise to help.

Our team have diverse experience in helping parents and families who are aware that the needs of their child are not being sufficiently met. We will act in education disputes involving schools, colleges and higher education institutions.

We will look at all of the facts and provide sound legal advice, fully explaining the processes involved and helping to minimize the stress that these situations can inevitably cause to you and your child. You can also rely on us to provide robust representation when needed, with a view to achieving the best outcome for you, your child and your family.

Environmental Disputes


Environmental law is an ever-evolving area, with the potential to make an impact on a global scale. We have a thorough understanding of environmental law and environmental disputes.

Our range of services relating to environmental disputes include:

  • Environmental nuisance claims, such as those involving noise, odour or contamination


  • Statutory nuisance claims, including abatement notices
  • Environmental warranty and indemnity claims
  • Issues of flooding
  • Tribunal hearings and appeals
  • Claims for environmental damage
  • Disputes with professionals offering environmental services

Product Liability & Safety


The law of product liability is designed to protect consumers. There is a legal duty placed upon manufacturers and businesses involved in the production of consumer goods to ensure that these are safe. Similar obligations extend to distributors and retailers, as liability is not limited to the manufacturers alone.

We have a thorough understanding of the law relating to product liability. If you have suffered injury, harm or financial loss as a result of using a product that was defective and unsafe, we can help you to claim the compensation that you deserve.

Product liability law places a number of legal responsibilities upon manufacturers when it comes to the production of goods for consumer consumption. These duties also apply to those involved in importing the goods and to anyone whose actions may alter the safety of a product, for example by servicing or customizing it.

  • They must warn of any potential risks, and provide any necessary information to help the consumer to understand these risks



  • They must monitor the safety of their products



  • They must take appropriate action whenever a safety issue arises



  • Certain products in higher-risk categories, such as children’s toys and medical supplies, are subject to special regulations which must be adhered to at all times


If you have been affected by using an unsafe product and have suffered injury or financial loss that was not your fault, we can help you to claim the compensation that will help you to move on with your life.

As well as claiming for the harm or injury suffered, it may also be possible to claim for loss or damage to property that was caused by the defective product or goods